Healthy Ventilation

The ventilation part of the HVAC is very important. We install humidifiers, UV Bulbs and electronic filter air cleaners.

These items are eco-friendly and help alleviate allergies and with the distribution of fresh air in your home.

For more information about Air Quality Products, call us at (203) 301-4151.

Air Filtering

High efficiency air filters are critical to your HVAC system, helping with pollen, dust and pet dander ... [ more ]

UV Treatment

Ultraviolet lighting is used to treat the air, which kills most microbial growth, including mold and bacteria, before it enters your ducts making it less likely for you to become ill. [ more ]


Is your home extra dry in the winter? A whole house humidifier could help in many ways. Reduces allergies, asthma, bacteria and pet dander ... [ more ]

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